2018 Spring Semester - Group Descriptions


Below you will find a brief overview of the groups for the upcoming fall semester.  You will also find a link to download a PDF of the listed classes.  Registration will be opening soon. Download a copy of the classes here: 2017 Spring Descriptions (pdf).


Women's Bible Study

Created for a Purpose (1st hour class)

Do you long to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your corner of the world? Regardless of your past failures, broken dreams, or perception of lacking talent or ability – Regardless of your season in life - God desires you to make a difference in your sphere of influence. Every human being – regardless of gender, race, or nationality is created for a purpose. Your life has been set apart for significance! The God of the Universe has ordained that your precious life bear much fruit. Purposeful, significant, meaningful lives are not just intended for a select few, but for EVERY child of God.


Please purchase “Created for Purpose: Making a Difference in Your Corner of the World” for class by Tara Furman online at www.tarafurman.com/portfolio/created-for-purpose-7-week-study.

  • Leader(s): Rhea Wiggs
  • Cost: $0
  • Maximum participants: 16
  • Materials to bring: Participants should bring the provided book and a Bible
  • Homework: 1 to 1.5 hours per week


PreK - Early Elementary

Let's Read and Create (1st hour class)

Do you love to hear wonderful stories? Do you enjoy creating beautiful arts and crafts? If so, you are in the perfect place! Gather up your imaginations and join us as we dive into beautiful children’s books and then use various mediums to create art and craft projects that are related to the book! Exploring children’s books and creating art with new and old friends is sure to be fun!


  • Leader(s): Jan Basden
  • Cost: $16
  • Maximum participants: 8
  • Materials to bring: Students will need a paint smock or old t-shirt
  • Homework: None


Elementary and Beyond

Artsploration through the Bible (1st hour class)

During the spring semester the Artsploration class will create art based on beloved stories from the Bible for Northside’s Children’s Ministry using different mediums. The four projects will include an acrylic abstract, mixed media oil, mosaic, and a negative space piece. This class will emphasize service to others, as we serve Northside by creating art for the children’s center. At the end of the semester students will have the opportunity to make a verbal presentation so they may practice their public speaking skills.

We ask parents to purchase the “Artist’s Loft” Sketch Pad; Level 2; 9 in. x 12 in. found at Michaels for class.

  • Leader(s): Tara Hazelrigg
  • Cost: $25
  • Maximum participants: 8
  • Materials to bring:  Painting smock or apron and your sketch book.
  • Homework:Homework will consist of drawing which will help students hone skills. Approximately 30 minutes per week.


PE Games (2nd hour class)

***Please note students may walk across First Ave. from Northside to use Knightdale Station Park when weather permits.

Come join us for an active and fun filled semester of physical education games. Whether it is playing freeze tag, Frisbee golf, kick ball, dodge ball, or basketball, this class is guaranteed to be packed full of fun. Through each student’s participation in the games, the importance of fitness, team work, and a God honoring attitude will be emphasized. Each class will contain a warm up activity, devotion, and a structured game or activity.

  • Leader(s): Jacki Lewis, Megan Dixon
  • Cost: $18
  • Maximum participants: 16
  • Materials to bring: Students will need comfortable clothing, coat for cooler weather, running shoes, and a water bottle.
  • Homework: None


Middle School

Money Matters (1st hour class)

In this class students will learn how to use money properly and make intelligent decisions based on God’s Word by learning:

  • How to manage a checking account
  • How to manage a savings account
  • How to plan for things to buy later
  • Why buying things on credit is a dangerous habit
  • When to borrow
  • When to give


We ask parents to purchase these two books for class:

  1. Money Matters for Teens” by Larry Burkett
  2. Money Matters for Teens Workbook” Age 11-14 Edition by Larry Burkett
  • Leader(s): Michille Kellhofer
  • Cost: $10
  • Maximum participants: 8
  • Materials to bring: Your book, workbook, and pencil.
  • Homework: Will mainly consist of reading the chapter beforehand in preparation for class discussion. 30 – 45 minutes per week.